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Advanced Technology Makes a Difference

Digital Imaging

High Definition.  Low Radiation.

Jackson L Sullivan, DDS is careful when and where an x-rays is taken.  There are many guidelines we follow at Palm Endo.  The benefit of an x-ray is being able to see what the eye cannot.  A good x-ray can see cavities, determine bone level, examine roots and nerves, assess damage after trauma and even diagnose a cysts and tumors.

The traditional x-ray machine would take an image and then then film containing that image would be placed on a lit panel to view the image.  Modern technology allows for instant viewing on a screen with much more precision and clarity. 

Dr. Sullivan is careful to use as little radiation as possible and utilizes a digital handheld x-ray gun to make very precise images without exposing the patient to higher doses of radiation.  He is able to capture x-ray images with 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays. 



Cone-Beam Computed Tomography

Palm Endo uses the state-of-the-art x-ray technology called CBCT that delivers very accurate 3-D images that are used in the diagnosis, planning, and treatment of your endodontic procedure.  We are able to see the teeth, bone, sinuses, and surrounding structure with minimal radiation because the machine focuses on the location.  This technology surpasses a regular 2-D x-rays in terms of image quality as well. 

The CBCT is one way we are committed to providing you innovative, high-quality, patient care.  After imaging, Dr. Sullivan shares with you the results, then he walks you through the next steps of treatment, and answers any questions you have. 

Surgical Microscopes

Seeing Details Clearly

Jackson L Sullivan, DDS has invested in the best quality surgical microscopes on the market, utilizing Carl Zeiss lenses, that provided unmatched magnification with illumination that allows him to see exactly what he needs to see during your surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Because our work requires us to see down to the smallest detail, we find these microscopes an invaluable tool in how we care for your teeth.  We have also invested in high power binoculars for our assistants for greater care and precision.

microscope palmendo.JPG

Experience When It Counts


Endodontic Procedures

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