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Experience Relief and Restorative Care in a Comfortable, Caring Environment

Why Choose Palm Endodontics?

While dentists generally provide their patient's endodontic needs in-office, there are select cases they might refer to an endodontic specialty office due to the complex nature of the tooth.  By referring you to our office, your dentist has shown their concern that you receive the finest endodontic care and outcome possible. Jackson L. Sullivan, DDS has been in dentistry for twenty-six years with twenty-one of those as an endodontist.  His experience coupled with his Palm Endodontics office having the latest in proven technology such as operating microscopes and 3-D imaging (CBCT) machine becomes vitally important in managing these cases to a high quality outcome.

Let us show you why Jackson L. Sullivan, DDS is the preferred endodontist in Bradenton, FL.



20 Years in Endodontics

Jackson L. Sullivan, DDS has been an endodontic dentist for over 20 years.  He has a commitment to being a caring and compassionate doctor who really enjoys Endodontics.  He is committed to making the patient the very center of Palm Endo and has a philosophy to provide the most ethical, honest and highest evidence based technical level of endodontic treatment in an artful manner.


Cutting Edge Technology & An Experienced Team Provide Precision in Care

State of the Art Technology

Having cutting edge technology makes a difference for you as the patient in comfort and for the dentist in accuracy and performance.  At Palm Endodontics, Jackson L. Sullivan, DDS uses 3D CBCT imaging, digital handheld X-ray guns, high power surgical microscopes, and more.

We want you to walk away confident in your health and pleased knowing you had the most comfortable endodontic experience possible.


Root Canal Therapy

Relief From Tooth Pain With Comfortable Treatment

A root canal can save your natural tooth and eliminate pain and infection, often times requiring only one painless visit.  Find out just how easy modern root canal therapy is for our patients at Palm Endodontics in Bradenton and surrounding communities.



Comprehensive Endodontic Treatments For A Healthy, Pain-Free Mouth

Jackson L. Sullivan, DDS and the dedicated team at Palm Endo in Bradenton, Florida look forward to caring for you and your teeth.  Our professional staff regularly performs the following endodontic procedures and have the skills necessary to return your tooth the a healthy condition and provide the pain relief you are seeking.

white root canal.png

When the root of a tooth becomes inflamed or infected, a root canal eliminates the infection and with it, the pain that came with it. 

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white Apiceoctomy.png

Sometimes surgery is necessary to remove an infection that does not appear on x-rays, but still causes pain.  This procedure makes an incision in the gums to gain access to the inflamed tissue so the root can be repaired. 

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An injury to the tooth rquires immediate examination by an endodontist.  Using advanced proceedures, a tooth can often be saved.

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white Retreat.png

Repair and existing root canal.  Save your tooth and your money by reusing your crown. 

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white cracked.png

A cracked tooth can cause pain when chewing and is sensitive to hot and cold.  Quickly repairing a cracked tooth can prevent infection.

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